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Northern Ambition is a new community of creatives in Sacramento. Founders Stacy Taylor-Cima, Bella Karragiannidis, and Lindsay Ashcraft saw something missing in Sacramento’s creative fabric and jumped at the chance to create it themselves. Here is our chat with Northern Ambition about what inspired them and where they are headed.

 What is Northern Ambition?

We are a collective of like-minded, creative women aspiring to change the world through pursuing our passions and helping others find theirs. We host events to connect, inspire and provide creative opportunities for women (regardless of their experience or background). We believe that everyone has a purpose and once you find yours, you”re bound to make a difference.What inspired you to start building a creative community in Sacramento?

Northern Ambition was actually inspired by Yellow Conference, which is a creative gathering that takes place every year in Los Angeles. We originally wanted to attend, but our resources and funds fell short, so we thought why not throw our own conference utilizing local talent in Sacramento/Northern California! Lindsay shared her idea with the founder of Yellow Conference and she was so excited she asked her to blog about how people could host their own mini Yellow Conference. That’s when we started realizing this idea was something special. Soon after, we were lucky to have Bella join our tribe and she helped connect us to the huge community of growing creatives in Sacramento. It quickly became clear that this was the right place for Northern Ambition.What is it about Sacramento that made you believe Northern Ambition will thrive here?

It’s impossible to ignore how fast Sacramento is growing and blooming with creatives! You can see it in the way the people of this city are constantly bringing fresh ideas to connect and build community. The more people we get to know here, the more we realize that bringing this community under the common ambition (to make a difference through pursuing your passions) was something that would resonate here in Sacramento and beyond.

Tell us about your first event.

The goal of our first event was to highlight what Northern Ambition is all about – to give everyone a place to learn, grow, get inspired, and spread goodness. We had a variety of awesome female presenters from local businesses like Wild Ink Press and The Honey Agency who inspired us on how to build a business around our passions and be smart, strong, and confident while doing so. We had local food blogger Bonjour Miss Mary teach us how to spice up our photography and local food blogger Ful-filled shared her passion for matcha and how it has changed her life. Local artist Haley Lyons led the group into creating some amazing hand lettering and watercolor pieces that represented each person in their own unique way.  We streamed a special presentation from the Yellow Conference and heard practical advise from the Cap City Blogger Network on how to create quality content in whatever we do and being genuine and true to who we are will cultivate realness and respect from those we reach. We munched on great food provided by the Sac Natural Food Co-Op and sipped hand crafted hibiscus tea provided by local juice bar, Liquidology. We mingled, learned from one another, and built relationships that will shape the future of Northern Ambition moving forward.What are you looking to do in the future?

We plan to continue to host events, meet-ups and workshops with the intent of helping people bring purpose to their passion (whatever that might be). Each event will be different because we believe there is always value and inspiration to be found from stepping outside of your comfort zone. We value giving back to our community and hope to build meaningful relationships with local people and movements to truly make a difference in Northern California.

What are the details for your next event?

Our next event will be held on September 26th. Zayn Silmi of The People of Sacramento is going to be sharing his story of how his simple passion has grown into an influential platform that is changing people’s lives. Stay tuned for more details on our social media sites!IMG_0052You can follow Northern Ambition on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about upcoming events.


Photos | Susan Yee


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