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Category: Kids

Kids’ Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner, but despite best intentions to plan ahead, your shopping isn't done yet. Worse still, you promised yourself that this would be the year when you would leave Amazon behind and shop local. Don't worry, we've go... Read More...

Summer Kids Tour Recap

With the help of some friends, we celebrated summer by visiting some of Sacramento’s best spots. Here’s a recap of our City Scout Kids Summer Tour: a 7 week program that promotes active learning and engages children with their community. Pizza mak... Read More...

Ana Apple and The Greenhouse

One of the greatest things about working with a team of “guide gurus” is that you get to experience very cool local moments happening in our city - sometimes even before your friends do. I have been following Ana Apple’s story for a few months and wa... Read More...

Cookies + Milk

Planning a kids’ birthday party once a year is enough work. Throw in a few slumber parties and you’re all out of ideas on how to keep these kiddos entertained. ... Read More...
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