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Category: Art & Music

Wondering about that mural you drive by everyday on your way to work? Here you’ll find out what it takes to create these public masterpieces and all about the artists behind them. Perhaps its the beat that keeps you moving? We’ll have insight on the best shows and festivals coming to Sac.

Zealyn in Sacramento

Sacramento is a great city for introducing us to underground and up-and-coming artists. Zealyn will perform at Blue Lamp on July 11, 2017. Her combo of e... Read More...

Manjar Ceramics

Alejandra Calderon’s first experience teaching art was not what she imagined. After getting her bachelor’s degree at Sacramento State University, Alejandra ... Read More...

Exploring Yosemite Valley

My friend Luke and I had been keeping an eye on the weather in Yosemite throughout the week. We wanted to capture the Valley blanketed in snow, and get that mor... Read More...

Coming Home to Inland

With their soothing sweet vocal harmonies, folk-influenced sound, and thoughtful poetic lyrics, it's hard to pin Inland down to a genre. The duo, comprised of C... Read More...
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