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Matt Kramer

Coming Home to Inland

With their soothing sweet vocal harmonies, folk-influenced sound, and thoughtful poetic lyrics, it's hard to pin Inland down to a genre. The duo, comprised of C... Read More...

City of Trees 2016 Recap

It's hard to imagine bands known for their youthful exuberance and sophomoric music themes aging well, but Weezer and Panic! At the Disco recently drew crowds u... Read More...

Skool on K: Japanese Fusion

Midtown plays host to many outstanding restaurants, and one of the latest additions to an already stellar stage is Skool on K Street. Offering a delicious array... Read More...

Emily Jane White

Since her debut with “Dark Undercoat” in 2007, Oakland based artist Emily Jane White has been crafting beautiful songs blending acoustic and electric guitars, s... Read More...

Matt Kramer


Matt maintains an uneasy truce with reality. He enjoys the outdoors, live music, and cultivates an interest in the esoteric and outlandish.

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